Hire A Gym Manager, Nutritionist For Your Health Club

It is the time to convert your passion into a profession! A nutritionist is a person who aids you in getting the essential nutrients out of your food that you intake on regular basis. Our diet defines how healthy our life is going to be ahead. And it is said very commonly that ‘Prevention is always better than Cure’. So instead of abetting the diseases in the coming years, you need a cure for your food which is known as a Nutritionist. Sedentary lifestyle and compulsive eating are making it more important for all of us to contact a nutritionist.

Nutritionist jobs are available these days as a majority of people are becoming aware of the importance of such professionals in their lives. If you are looking for a nutritionist job in Delhi, Fit India Trust (FIT) is the best platform. Here professionals get great opportunities to enhance their skills and learn in a healthy environment. The FIT aims to create a new era of health and fitness industry in the Indian subcontinent. FIT provides learning opportunities to the budding nutritionists to excel in their careers. Fitness professionals can find jobs in every corner of Delhi through the FIT.

Qualification Required: Usually, a bachelor’s degree in health is required to become an entry-level nutritionist. Later on, an individual can pursue post-graduation in food sciences or microbiology.

Pay-Scale: On an average, a nutritionist earns Rs.2, 40,000 annually.

Difference between a Nutritionist and a Dietician: There is no significant difference between a dietician and a nutritionist if we talk in terms of skills and qualifications.

The main thing which differs the two professions is that to become a dietician, nutritionist needs to get themselves registered with Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). In layman terms, registered nutritionists are called dieticians.

So if you are planning to consult a professional to get a diet chart for you, nutritionist or dietician, both options are the same in terms of quality and knowledge.

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